Cyber Discovery

Cyber Discovery is a free online programme aimed at 13-18 year olds (i.e. Yr 9-13). It aspires to discover hidden talent within the cyber security discipline, through an exciting range of online challenges.

There are 4 main stages:

CyberStart Assess

(3rd September - 25th October 2019)
This is the initial round and gets you warmed up. You will be faced with a range of mini challenges that will involve using your code cracking and problem solving to the max. Successful in this (you do not need to solve every challenge), you will be given the opportunity to move on to the next stage!

CyberStart Game

(5th November - 1st May 2020)
Fill the footsteps of a real security agent, and you will be put in front of over 200 challenges. You will work through various levels, each containing its own mini storyline. It will be difficult at times, but you can overcome this. It is going to take a long time but pushing yourself will allow you to learn things way beyond you thought was possible!

CyberStart Essentials

(16th December - 1st May 2020)
Possibly one of the best resources available Essentials is full of information. Students who reach a minimum level in Game will be invited to this goldmine. Containing hundreds of hours of content this will undoubtedly assist you in Game and many of the modules are even useful to revise your GCSE and A Level computer science knowledge. You will start off by looking at the basics of computers and move onto networking, programming and finally advance cyber security techniques such as privilege escalation, exfiltration and more exploitation techniques. Lastly, there is a final quiz including topics from all of the Essential modules, which if you do well enough, you will receive a certificate.

CyberStart Elite

(Summer 2020)
The ultimate reward. If you’re fortunate enough to show off your amazing talent in Game and Essentials, then you will have the opportunity to attend a real life face to face residential. There will be opportunity to meet industry experts and show case your talent through a range of activities such as a CTF or a realistic cyber scenario.

How to get started

Head to and sign up for an account.
Once Completed then visit to begin your journey into the thrilling world of cyber security.
Good Luck!

Note: CADS is not endorsed by or affiliated with CyberDiscovery and all of its related partners